Formula E Season (Round 3) - 里約熱內盧, 巴西

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Location: East central coast, South America
Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL)
Official Language: Portuguese
City population: 6.3 million


Destination Guide

Located in the Guanabara Bay in the South Atlantic Coast, Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and is blessed with thousands of miles of breath-taking coastline, rainforests, landmarks and architecture. The city is famed for its carnivals and extravagant night life and has two main sporting passions, football and motorsport - with Brazil excelling in both! Some of the oldest cities and civic architecture in the New World can be found here too alongside modern restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs. In recent years, Brazil has devoted time and resources to improving its tourism infrastructure, reflected in the new airports, hotels, and inns that have sprung up around the country and making this an even more magical place to visit.

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