Formula E Season (Round 4) - 埃斯特角城, 烏拉圭

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Location: East coast, South America
Currency: Uruguayan Peso
Official languages: Spanish (Castilian)
City population: 9,300


Destination Guide

Characterized as the St Tropez of South America, Punta del Este is famous for its sandy beaches, casinos and yachts with few resorts in South America able to rival its glamour. Punta is actually a reference to several towns on a small peninsula where the Río de la Plata meets the Atlantic Ocean and has quickly become a firm favourite with tourists the world over. It is divided into three main areas; the Peninsula provides the main hub with many bars and restaurants, while La Barra is known for its beach and nightlife and Jose Ignacio, a quieter area famed for its stunning beauty.

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