Formula E Season (Round 7) - 邁阿密, 美國

Miami, USA

Location: South eastern Florida, North America
Currency: US Dollars (USD)
Official Languages: English and Spanish
City population: 409,000


Destination Guide

Located in south eastern Florida, Miami has become synonymous with its celebrity-drenched beaches, cloudless blue skies, buzzing nightlife and distinct Cuban feel, making it one of the most visited cities in North America. Alongside the glitz and the glamour, Miami also boasts a sleepy past which can be seen in its Art Deco architecture as you meander through the bustling streets. Being situated on the Atlantic Ocean, it's no wonder it's also famed for its watersports (and as such is one of the healthiest cities in the US) and marine life with dolphins that play at Miami Sequarium or the tropical birds on Jungle Island. The city is also one of the US's fastest growing economies thanks to its huge tourist industry along with its blossoming technology, financial and service sectors.

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