MotoGP Series - 印第安納波利斯賽車場, 印第安納波利斯大獎賽

Indianapolis Grand Prix 印第安納波利斯大獎賽
Indianapolis Motor Speedway 印第安納波利斯賽車場

Circuit info:
Length: 4.216 m / 2.620 miles
Width: 16m
Left corners: 10
Right corners: 6
Longest straight: 872 m / 0.542 miles
Constructed: 1909
Modified: 2007

The first motorsport race which took place at Indy was a motorcycle one on August 14th 1909, on the 2.5 mile oval circuit, and despite its 100-year history it was not until 2008 that MotoGP arrived at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

To celebrate the event an intense modification of the layout was undertaken, but without affecting the legendary oval. The layout of the track, which is 4.168km in length and has 16 turns, incorporates the main straight of the famous oval circuit including the Brickyard and an area between turns 1 and 2 of the oval, before meandering through the vast interior of the IMS.

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