MotoGP Series - 銀石賽道, 英國大獎賽

British Grand Prix 英國大獎賽
Silverstone 銀石賽道

Circuit info:
Length: 5.900 m / 3.666 miles
Width: 17m
Left corners: 8
Right corners: 10
Longest straight: 770 m / 0.478 miles
Constructed: 1948
Modified: 2011

With more than 60 years of history Silverstone has become one of the most prestigious venues dedicated to motorsport. Completely revamped in recent years, a multimillion pound investment saw the completion in 2010 of a first phase of works to greatly improve the venue, making it one of the fastest tracks on the MotoGP calendar and earning high praise from the World Championship riders who enjoyed the new layout. The ‘Silverstone Wing’, a state-of-the-art, multi-million pound complex, became a new landmark at the circuit from 2011, thus adding to already breathtaking facilities at Silverstone.

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